David John Aquino

Manager/Executive Assistant/Head of Operations
  • Member Since,November 17, 2022

Skill Summary

General and Medical Transcriptionist - Transcribe clean verbatim style and edit each transcript according to AP style and AAMT guidelines. Our audio and video transcription services include all types of industries including medical, general, podcast, legal, business, and interview.
Translation - Translate English to any Filipino language or dialect whether it's in medical, finance, legal, or technical translations.
Healthcare virtual assistant - Provide Healthcare Virtual Assistant services to medical and dental professionals to boost productivity by removing other back-office tasks.
Medical Records Review - Review medical documents for clients to confidentially submit medical records and other private health and wellness information.
Other skills
Project Management - Manage tasks, schedules, and deliveries of projects, services, or products.
Data Entry - Organize forms and other relevant information according to the client's specifications for better presentation and organization.

Expected Minimum Wage

  • Hourly Rate
  • Monthly Salary


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    2007 - 2007 Pines City Colleges


Work Experience

  • 05-08-2019 - 05-12-2022

  • 16-07-2015 - 05-12-2022

    - Independent contractor in providing transcription services in medical and general transcription (podcast,

    paralegal, conference, video captioning, etc) both locally and abroad.

    - Provide medical transcription services as well as other back office documentation support

    to doctors, hospitals, clinics, local businesses, paralegals, etc. both local and abroad.

    - In charge of marketing and client-business relations.

    - Manager and project head of operations.

Min Experience: 10 years of experience